A Brief History of Honda

Honda Motor Company was created in 1948 by owners Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa. They presented their first automobile, a motorbike, in 1949, the D-type motorbike. One year later, Honda Motor Company Inc. was established in Los Angeles, California, the very first overseas subsidiary of Honda Motor Company Ltd. By 1968, the one millionth Honda motorbike had been sold in the United States. Honda additionally began generating automobiles in the 1960s; the very first car produced was the T360 mini pick-up vehicle, which took place sale in August 1963, was followed by the S500 sports car, which took place sale in October 1963. The Honda N600 was the very first car Honda sold in America, starting in 1969.

Honda co-founder Soichiro Honda had continuously been concerned of the future of our world, especially regarding accessibility to clear water. In regards to making even more fuel efficient vehicles, Honda stated, “I do not care if everyone else is making 2 strokes, Honda needs to make four strokes.” In 1973, Honda supplied the world’s first fuel-efficient four-stroke marine engines, which were cleaner, quieter, and a lot more cost effective than two-stroke engines. The next year, driven by their “Blue skies for our children” initiative, Honda launched the Honda Civic, which included an innovative CVCC engine that made the Civic the first vehicle to please the demands of the United States Clean Air Act without the use of a catalytic converter. In 1976, the first Honda Accord was released, which would become a very popular vehicle in America.

Honda Today

Today’s Honda models include:

  • Honda Civic: Honda’s compact car is one of the world’s most successful vehicles. The Civic was International Vehicle of the Year in 2005 and North American Car of the Year in 2006.
  • Honda Fit: The Honda Fit is an entry-level subcompact that shows off a blocky design, large inside, and lay-flat back seats. The Fit was Top Gear’s 2006 Best Small Car, U.S. News & World Report’s Best Economy Car of 2008, Best Overall Value by Consumer Reports in 2010, 2011, and 2012, and earned many other awards.
  • Honda Accord: The Accord is Honda’s midsize family car. The Accord has remained in Car and Driver’s Top 10 listing for the last 31 of 35 years, and also has also been acknowledged as the 2014 Green Car of the Year and the 2018 North American Car of the Year.
  • Honda Insight: The Honda Insight is a small hybrid sedan. The Insight resembles its sibling, the Civic, in wheelbase and handling, but bests it in fuel efficiency thanks to a two-motor drivetrain. The American Automobile Association awarded the Insight with the Top Commuter Car in 2010. In addition, the Insight was named the Greenest Vehicle of the Year by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy in 2000, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2010, 2011, and 2012. 
  • Honda Clarity: The Honda Clarity is Honda’s premium alternative fuel sedan. It is available as a hybrid plug-in, totally electrical, or hydrogen gas cell.  In 2009, the Clarity won World Green Car of the Year. BBC Top Gear has called the Clarity the “Most important car for 100 years” and has received the Good Design Award from the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization in 2008. 

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