How does an engine work?

Basically, an internal-combustion engine (the engine located in automobiles) is a heat engine that transforms power from the heat of burning fuel to mechanical work, or torque. The torque is applied to the wheels that make your automobile move. Engines have pistons that go up and down steel tubes called cylindrical tubes. Pistons are attached to a crankshaft with poles, and go up to power the crankshaft, which after that powers the wheels of your vehicle. Cars will have in between 2 and 12 cylindrical tubes in its engine.

How do I know if my engine requires repair work?

A vehicle’s engine is an intricate gadget that is needed for getting you from one area to another. As a result of this, you need to not ignore any kind of interest in your engine. It is always a wonderful suggestion to bring your auto for smaller scale engine repair work rather than waiting on a bigger problem to happen that might create substantial troubles to your car and cost you a lot more. If you are worried regarding the health of your engine, you can bring your car to Auburn Euro Motors in Auburn.

Below are numerous of our tips for preventative maintenance to keep your engine running efficiently and avoid issues:

  • Change your oil regularly and utilize the suggested type of oil.
  • Change your timing belt at your makers’ recommended periods.
  • Give your engine time to heat up before driving, especially in cool temperatures. This will enable the oil to become part of all components of the engine before placing work onto the engine.

Some signs of a malfunctioning engine have:

  • Your automobile’s “Check Engine” light turns on.

This light turning on could indicate the oxygen sensing unit needs to be changed, the catalytic converter is damaged, the gas cap is loose, or something else. Whatever the issue is, a “Check Engine” light should not be neglected.

  • The engine does not start when you turn your key in the ignition.

This generally suggests there is a concern with the way your engine burns fuel.

  • Your vehicle is making use of more fuel than normal (you are obtaining less miles per gallon).
  • You feel shivering and/or hear uncommon sounds originating from under your car’s hood.

Whether you want to bring your auto in for preventative engine maintenance or a more major engine repair work, we at Auburn Euro Motors in Auburn can take care of all your engine repair requirements.

Your Trusted Shop for Engine Repair

Having engine troubles can be daunting, but at Auburn Euro Motors, we can ease your anxieties. Serving communities in Auburn and surrounding areas, our professional technicians have a vast amount of knowledge on different types of engines and we provide thorough, high-quality service that will get you back on the road as soon as possible. Here are some reasons you should make us your auto repair shop:

  • We offer a 36 month/36,000 mile nation wide Parts and Labor warranty on most repairs.
  • We have a six month payment option (upon approval) to make it easy on your wallet.
  • We offer courtesy rides and loaner cars (by appointment) after drop off hours to fit your busy schedule.
  • We perform a Digital Vehicle Inspection with every visit to keep your car safe and reliable.

If you are in Auburn or surrounding areas, we’d love to see you stop by. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us online or give us a call at 530-268-1870 today!

Engine Repair in Auburn, CA

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