Cooling System Repair

Your car’s cooling system is a kind of heat exchanger that relocates heat from the warm coolant that streams through it to the air blown by the fan. The cooling system is normally made from lightweight aluminum, which is pushed into sheets and bent into a cylindrical tube. If your cooling system stops working or breaks, it can generate an uneasy driving experience. If you really feel that your vehicle is overheating, you can come to Auburn Euro Motors in Auburn for a cooling system repair today.

Just how does a cooling system work?

Warm coolant, or antifreeze, streams into the lightweight aluminum cooling system and cools the fluid down. The auto’s fan also helps in cooling the warm coolant down, and assists the liquid to go to the engine. This cycle repeats as you drive to keep your engine from overheating. Cooling down systems, sometimes, include a turbulator, or a fin that increases the disturbance of the coolant inside the cooling system. Producing disruption means that more of the coolant liquid will be subjected to the tube, therefore drawing out much more heat and cooling down the liquid down much faster.

As the cooling system ages, mineral deposits from the coolant liquid accumulates, consequently blocking the flow of liquid with the system. This will create stress in your auto’s cooling system, which can damage the water pump, tubes, as well as thermostat.

How do I know if my automobile needs a cooling system repair?

Here are some signs that your auto may need a cooling system repair:

  • The temperature level gauge checks out warm.

If the temperature level range on your dashboard regularly runs warm, your vehicle is running low on coolant liquid or there is a problem with your cooling system.

  • Cooling system discoloration or corrosion.

If there is leakage on your cooling system, warm coolant liquid can break out along with come down on engine components. The fluid will bubble up and evaporate, leaving some discoloration which can cause rust.

  • Coolant leak.

If you see an intense green, usually yellow or pink, fluid trickling from your vehicle, there is likely an issue with your cooling system.

  • Getting too hot.

If vapor billows out of under your hood, your vehicle is overheating which likely recommends a cooling system issue.

If you are experiencing countless of these indications, it is essential that you bring your car in for a cooling system repair rapidly. If you reside in Auburn, you can concern Auburn Euro Motors.

Your Trusted Shop for Cooling System Repair

Here at Auburn Euro Motors in Auburn, we are experts in all things auto repair and can repair your cooling system efficiently and cost-effectively. Here are some reasons you should choose us as your auto repair shop:

  • We offer a 36 month/36,000 mile nation wide Parts and Labor warranty on most repairs.
  • We have a six month payment option (upon approval) to make it easy on your wallet.
  • We perform a Digital Vehicle Inspection with every visit to keep your car safe and reliable.

We’ve been fixing cars since 1997 and prioritize top-quality customer service above all else. Our mission is to exceed your expectations by earning your trust, and providing the most reliable, honest, and courteous service available in the market today. If you are in Auburn or surrounding areas, feel free to call us at 530-268-1870 to schedule an appointment!

Cooling System Repair

For honest and efficient cooling system repairs in Auburn, CA, turn to the capable team at Auburn Euro Motors. “Life’s too short to drive boring cars.”

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